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5 Skills For The Modern B2B Sales Leader [Infographic]

Posted by Julia Manoukian on Jun 7, 2017 11:45:42 AM

skills-b2b-sales-leaders2.jpgSince the change in buyer behavior has become more commonly known, there has been a lot of talk about what skills are required of modern sales professionals. Less talked about, however, are the skills the modern buyer is demanding from sales leaders.

Great leaders are emotionally intelligent, exhibit communication, interpersonal, teamwork, critical thinking and creative-problem solving skills. But is that enough? 

In today's world, technical proficiency is a given; what digital skills do B2B sales leaders need to take their transformation efforts to the next level? To start, they need to...

Be Technology Savvy: This doesn't just mean using email as a form of communication. Sales leaders should be able to track a buyer's digital path to purchase using their CRM system, and have an understanding of what assets facilitated or hindered their journey. Tweet: Sales leaders of the future should be able to track buyers' digital path to purchase @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/C0sd8+

Harness Digital Best Practices: If leaders want their diverse and multigenerational salesforce to stay relevant, they need to invest in training. It's no wonder social sellers, for example, blow their competitors out of the water 72% of the time. Tweet: Sales leaders of the future should invest in training; social sellers outperform peers 72% of the time @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/5hE5U+ 

Have Analytical Skills: Effective sales strategies require an emphasis more on selling through service and insights, rather than pushy, in-your-face closing skills. This means leveraging data-driven insights tailored to each prospect, rather than open-ended and clueless questions. Tweet: Effective sales strategies require selling through service and insights vs pushiness @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/9f077+

The following infographic combines insights from Salesforce, Forrester and McKinsey so today's business leaders can set themselves up for success amid the digital disruption.

P.S. - If you think we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below! 


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Julia Manoukian

About the Author

Julia is focused on creating, managing and producing everything content-related at Sales for Life. From product to content marketing, she is committed to constantly evolving the company's marketing strategy to exceed the demands of the ever-changing buyer.

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