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Build your modern sales expertise by following these social selling influencers and experts.

Here at Sales for Life, we live and breath Social Selling. As a cornerstone of our engagement strategy we are constantly creating new content on topics around Social Selling and Content Marketing.

On any given week, our team creates more than enough material to share with our networks and yet we still share 3rd party content on a daily basis. Why? Because we recognize that every healthy content marketing mix requires an ample amount of 3rd party content in addition to original pieces in order to maintain authenticity. There are also a number of other benefits to sharing 3rd party content, which are discussed in this post on Content Curation.

For these reasons, I thought it would be helpful for everyone if I compiled a list of my favorite Social Selling resources. Below is a list of 11 valuable information sources covering Social Selling tools and tactics, Content Marketing best practices and general sales advice.

Check them out if you’d like to learn more about these topics and/or want to find great content to share with your own personal networks.

Sales & Marketing Tools

1. Hootsuite’s Blog

Hootsuite is an awesome social media tool that helps aggregate the sending, receiving and scheduling of posts across multiple social platforms simultaneously. Their blog is also an excellent source of info on general social media and social selling topics. Check out this recent post on Why it’s Important to Become a Social Organization.

2. LinkedIn’s Blog

LinkedIn needs little introduction. In addition to hosting the world’s largest professional social media network, LinkedIn’s blog is also an excellent source of information on social selling and product updates. I mean who doesn’t want to know How You Rank Against Professionals Like You on Linkedin

3. InsideView’s Blog

InsideView is a CRM intelligence tool that helps sales & marketing professionals sort through the mind-boggling amounts of daily information that is thrown at us in the business world. Their blog is regularly updated with colourful posts on lead nurturing, sales productivity and marketing automation. Here’s an awesome one on running an Effective Lead Management Process

4. Marketo’s Blog

Marketo is a marketing automation tool that allows users to maximize their digital engagement strategy with email campaign tracking, lead scoring and tons of other cool features. The Marketo blog is an excellent source of info on content marketing, social media and lead management. Find out why it’s important to Personalize Content on the Web here.

5. The Impact Blog

Impact is a content marketing optimization service that consistently produced some of my favorite material on sales strategy and lead generation. Recent titles include Why Everyone (Including you) Is Failing at Meta Descriptions and What People Hate Most About Your Sales Emails. Need I say more?
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Social Selling Experts

1. Jill Rowley’s Twitter Feed

Jill Rowley has quickly become a globally recognized authority on all things Social Selling. Her Twitter feed is updated several times per day with awesome Social Selling content as well as notices on things like upcoming webinars and networking events. Jill also has some awesome videos like The ABCs of Social Selling; Always Be Connecting

2. Julio Viskovich’s Profile

Julio is a Social Selling consultant that has mastered the art of the soft sales approach. As a component of this approach, Julio creates and shares lots of valuable assets on digital strategy, personal branding and Social Selling. Check out his Ultimate Guide to Social Selling Implementation for B2B Sales.

3. Sales for Life Blog

What would this post be without a little shameless self-promotion ☺. In all seriousness though, our Sales for Life blog is an excellent source for Social Selling info as well as general sales and marketing advice. We also document a huge number of Social Selling success stories, which are very helpful if you’re looking to justify the ROI of a Social Selling training program to your company or team. Check us out if you haven’t already. We have 5 regular contributors and the numbers are growing quickly.

4. Koka Sexton’s Twitter Feed

Koka is a very well received voice straight from the heart of LinkedIn. He has become one of the most widely recognized faces of Social Selling and is always sharing high value content and infographics on Social Selling through his numerous Twitter feeds. Koka also posts some great original content through LinkedIn Publisher and answers numerous thought provoking questions like When Does Social Selling Just Become Selling?

Sales & Marketing Gurus

1. Jill Konrath’s Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Jill Konrath is an acclaimed author and certified sales guru with tons of experience. In addition to filling her blog with tons of valuable sales advice, Jill also regularly hosts popular webinars for the more interactive at heart. Webinar topics include 5 Strategies for Leading a Sales-Busting Sales Team.

2. Gerry Moran’s Blog

Following his illustrious career as a Marketing Professor at Saint Joseph’s University in Philly, which spanned more than a decade, Gerry now heads up the Social Media & Social Selling initiatives at SAP. He is a definitive source for content on all things marketing and social. Find out if you’re Suffering from Sales Insanity.

Well, there you have it folks, my list of Social Selling resources that I check daily for 3rd party content to share with my network. I have received tons of great feedback from my peers because the content I share helps facilitate their growth as sales & marketing professionals. I’m sure you will help others grow as well if you decide to start sharing content gems.

Let me know if you have some other great Social Selling resources that I should be checking via the comment box below. Cheers! 🙂

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Jamie Shanks

Author: Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is a world-leading Social Selling expert and author of the book, "Social Selling Mastery - Scaling Up Your Sales And Marketing Machine For The Digital Buyer". A true pioneer in the space of digital sales transformation, Jamie Shanks has trained over 10,000's of sales professionals and leaders all around the world.

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