The day-to-day lives of salespeople are full of emotional highs and lows. We’ve hand-picked 17 of the best GIFs and images that represent how modern sales pros feel on any day:

1. When you are on a long call, taking detailed notes, and then lose the entire activity with a Salesforce refresh


2. When you close a massive deal at the beginning of Q1

deal close

3. Account management fail

sales account

4. When a deal closes without needing a demo…

deal without demo

5. When you don’t know how to answer an objection


6. The Trump Effect

trump effect


inspire sales team

8. When you realize a prospect won’t qualify but you have to finish listening to them not to be rude


9. Trying To Read Your Customer Like


10. Screwing up calendar invites to a prospect… repeatedly…

invite prospect

11. That moment when everything has to go right to make a sale…………..and it does!

make a sale

12. The Samuel Stare

customer talks

13. When you start to eat lunch at your desk and you see a call coming in from a prospect who had gone silent

call from prospect

14. When a prospect explains their complicated business in detail and asks if I understand

complicated business

15. Data Scraping Problems

data scraping

16. Going into a client presentation knowing they’re going to tear everything apart

client presentation

17. when the client likes something you didn’t mean to include in the initial review


18. #MANAGERGOALSmanager goals19. me in any meeting after an adequate lunch


20. If you could just…sales closing

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