One of the coolest parts about Social Selling is that there are many tools and resources available to you. Social media and supporting apps can and should be give you immensely valuable tools for bringing in new business. You just have to know where to look for them.

LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Navigator offer stellar services that can impact your sales pipeline, but not everyone is there yet. You might prefer to test the waters with these fully free tools before you pony up for an upgrade. That’s perfectly OK. Today, we’re going to help you get the max out these sales tools and third party apps. Here are the top four, and as a treat for you, we’ve included a bonus!

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1. Visibility Into More Profile Views

One of the best tools on LinkedIn Premium is seeing who’s looking at your profile. However the free account limits you to the most recent 5 views. If you’ve been connecting, posting and interacting on LinkedIn, prospects will be coming to you – and you better respond quickly. Check out the Google Chrome profile view extension. It stores everyone that has ever viewed your profile into a file that you can check whenever you have time.

Google Chrome Profile Views

2. Expanded LinkedIn Advanced Search

You have to know who your prospects are before you can build a relationship. That’s why Advanced Search is such as powerful advantage to premium members. Free accounts can up their game using the SourceHub beta app on the Social Talent website. All you have to do is register for free account. This search also brings in data about people on other professional networks, like Xing and Viadeo.

LinkedIn Advanced Search

3. Insights Into Clients And Prospects

Knowing who your buyers are through research is a key element of sales. Newsle helps you stay knowledgeable about what your connections are doing without spending all day Googling each one. It will email you whenever one of your first degree LinkedIn connections is interviewed or mentioned somewhere on the web. With all the information about your buyers readily available, it can really help you understand your buyer’s challenges and be prepared. LinkedIn bought Newsle last year to expand their impact across the online media landscape.

Newsfeed Newsle

4. Being Better Prepared

The top level of LinkedIn’s paid memberships allow you unlimited visibility into your extended network. That’s worth a lot of money in terms of being prepared for meetings. Buyers prefer salespeople who know who they are and what their challenges are at the moment. That’s why free LinkedIn account holders can use Charlie App, a tool that instantly reviews hundreds of online sources. Charlie App gives you a detailed summary of everything the web knows about whomever you’re going to meet, so you’re on your game right from the starter bell.

Charlie App

Bonus: Free InMails

This isn’t a third-party tool however one great tip to send free InMail messages to your prospects is to join the same groups. To do so, go to a group that you are in and click the Members button. You will see a brief profile of the prospect, and you can message that person. Use this tip wisely.

Free Inmails

Getting It Right

As kids everywhere are hitting the books (and hopefully reading them, too), it’s up to you to hit your quotas (and hopefully you’re hitting them, too). Quietly start employing the above techniques and startle everyone in the office with your sudden burst of productivity. You can tell everyone that you’re inspired by the fall weather. What you’ll really be doing is schooling the competition on what Social Selling can do.

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Dave Howe

Author: Dave Howe

Dave is a gifted salesman with a passion for training. Having started from humble roots as a doorknocker in Australia, Dave quickly excelled over his decade long sales and marketing career to hold several VP and Director level positions. Prior to joining the Sales for Life team, Dave was involved with start-ups; building and training their sales teams from the ground up.

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