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6 Steps To Build A World-Class Sales Development Team [Infographic]

Posted by Sales for Life on Mar 9, 2017 12:08:28 PM


world-class-sdr-team.jpgMotivated reps, attainable quotas and an effective management structure are at the heart of any sales team. If teams don't have these basic building blocks, any training effort is sure to fall flat. So before you layer on additional training, sales management should ask: how do I ensure I've done everything I can to build a world-class sales development team?

World-class leaders also ask: What is the best way to compensate my SDRs? How many attempts do top-performing reps try per prospect? And when it comes to running a sales team, what are the top challenges other mangers face? 

Lucky for you, all of these questions are answered in the following infographic from OnePageCRM, which gathers recent data from The Bridge Group's SDR Metrics & Compensation Report. Among some of the top insights:

- Companies that require 2+ years of experience achieve 12% higher performance among SDRs. Tweet: Companies that require 2+ years of experience achieve 12% higher performance among SDRs via @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/kohf7+

- Top performing reps attempt 12 touch points per prospect, while average reps only average 8.2. Tweet: Top performing reps attempt 12 touch points per prospect, while average reps only average 8.2 via @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/j31_8+

- Top-performing teams allocate 1 sales manager for every 8 SDRs.Tweet: Top-performing teams allocate 1 sales manager for every 8 SDRs via @MySales4Life https://ctt.ec/lTWe9+  


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