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Emmanuelle Skala

About the Author

Emmanuelle has 15+years of selling experience having grown sales teams from $0 to over $100M and managed teams as small as 1 rep and as large as 200. She's been a sales leader at 4 successful SaaS start ups including Endeca, Vertica and Influitive. With a variety of different GTM models under her belt, she sits on the advisory board of several early stage SaaS companies including Nudge.ai. She is currently the VP of Customer Success at Toast.

Stop Overpromising: 5 Tactics You Need To Align Sales & Customer Success

Oct 12, 2017 1:04:25 PM - By Emmanuelle Skala

We talk a lot about alignment between Sales & Marketing (or SMarketing). But what about Sales & Customer Success? Customer Success is a booming profession ...

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