When it comes to prospecting and early prospect engagement, it’s crucial that Sales Leaders optimize their technology stack to reach modern B2B buyers actively seeking valuable solutions to their problems.

With an unprecedented amount of Sales technologies now available to executive-level Sales Leaders, you’re equipped with the ability to keep your organization effective, optimized, and efficient but with over 700 tools, it can be difficult to know what actually drives ROI.


As we found in our March 2017 survey of 87 B2B decision-makers from companies with over 100 employees, 74% of successful B2B transactions are completed by knowledgeable buyers who are already aware of the issue that needs to be solved. 

Clearly, the days of “hard selling” to informationally-equipped B2B buyers has long departed, and the age of the informed customer is showing no signs of slowing. With almost all (96%) of B2B decision-makers completing some or a significant amount of research surrounding an organization before an initial meeting, catering to prospects from the get-go is of utmost importance.

For Sales Leaders in the modern B2B market, we have to recognize that we are selling to organizations who want as much information about your solution as possible, and who want to know how the offered solution will add value to their day-to-day operations.

This means that both your Sales and Marketing teams must develop strategies that remind prospects of the direct value of your offer throughout the entire prospecting process.

To develop coordinated and targeted selling before a prospect is brought into the sales pipeline, Sales Leaders must ensure that their technology stack is improving customer interactions with high-quality messaging and personalized drip-campaigns.

Personalization Gets You In, Solution-Fit Carries You Through to Close

As mentioned above, the majority of B2B buyers (87.3%) are already aware of their issues before investing in a solution. While they may realize that they need to find a solution, they may not recognize the features of your service being the solution they need.

As a Sales Leader, how can you nurture your prospects to lead them to the conclusion that your solution is the best fit for their main issue?

The answer: nail your problem/solution statements (using personalization and relevant data).

By developing content, and engaging your prospect with content that focuses on their pain-points to spark that solution-fit “lightbulb” moment in their mind, you’re saving valuable time on prospect nurturing, moving your Sales team forward.

Our survey results showed that sharing information about the solution fit which aligned with an organization’s issues was almost twice as likely to stick in the B2B decision-maker’s mind, rather than sharing statistics or personalized messaging. 

The modern prospect isn’t simply looking for relatable content or to see their name in a video—they’re seeking high-value information about how your solution can solve their issues.

By strategically developing customizable cadences and touch points for different prospect and problem types with the help of your tech stack, Sales Leaders can demonstrate that their organization aligns with the solution that a specific prospect is seeking.

The Tech Stack to Prove Your Solution-Fit

As a Sales Leader, time-saving initiatives are a crucial factor in eliminating headaches and optimizing your Sales team. The right Sales tech, paired with taking the time to assess and carefully develop their pre-pipeline processes, Sales Leaders can ensure that their tech stack drives results and streamlines their initiatives.

Sales Tech for Prospecting

According to Forrester Research, companies who excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. But with specialized prospecting sales technology such as Terminus, Sales leaders can engage with the right professionals at a prospect organization through targeted ads on platforms such as video, web, and social media channels before any conversation is sparked.

Sales Leaders can also consider investing in predictive marketing AI tools such as Everstring or DataFox to find new prospects based off of predictive analysis, and better yet, automated prospecting. Bombora is another great tool for prospecting, allowing Sales Leaders to take note of which organizations are looking for your products and keywords.

Sales Tech for Reaching Out

Following up with your prospects after the initial reach out is a part of every prospect cadence, and Sales engagement tools such as SalesLoft to make your future communication tailored to their needs. There are several tools in the this category that are changing the way that sales organizations work in a bulk fashion such Outreach.io, Reply.io, PersistIQ and others can help to manage this process.

With customizable communication touch-points that can be tailored to specific buyer types, Sales Leaders can utilize actionable data and further understand which follow-up’s are successfully driving sales forward, and which aren’t.

Want a free tech stack assessment? Email Deb@skaled.com.


Jake Dunlap

Author: Jake Dunlap

Jake Dunlap is the CEO & Founder of Skaled, which helps companies optimize their sales process and by using the latest sales technologies to accelerate business growth for scaling success. As a C-level sales leader and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience, he has developed and led high-performing sales and operational functions for both global 2000 organizations and start-ups, specializing in building out repeatable, sustainable processes. Since launching Skaled in 2013, Jake has been a highly sought-after industry thought leader, quoted by Forbes, Inc., and Huffington Post.

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