The day is here! Digital Sales Engine, the virtual event on building your ideal tech stack, is now live!

There are thousands of sales tools in the market today; it’s getting harder and harder to know what works. We’ve curated the best minds in sales to explain the ideal tool stack for optimizing sales performance and engaging the informed buyer more effectively.

The event centre opens today at 10:30 am and goes live at 11 am EST. If you haven’t already registered, don’t worry, you can still do so here. Even if you can’t make it, we’ll share the recordings with you as soon as it ends at 4 pm.

Check out the full agenda — it’s jam-packed with some of the best minds in today’s digital industries, such as:

  • Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio

  • Tamara Schenk, Research Director, CSO Insights

  • Jamie Shanks, CEO, Sales for Life

  • Ken Krogue, Founder and President of

  • Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Corporate Visions

  • Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist

  • Tiffani Bova, Global Customer Growth & Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce

  • Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman, AA-ISP

  • Tim Clarke, Director Product Marketing, Salesforce

  • Anthony Iannarino, Sales Kickoff Speaker, Sales & Marketing Leader

We hope you enjoy!

Julia Manoukian

Author: Julia Manoukian

Julia is focused on creating, managing and producing everything content-related at Sales for Life. From product to content marketing, she is committed to constantly evolving the company's marketing strategy to exceed the demands of the ever-changing buyer.

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