The day is already here where our buyers are really different. And if you don’t believe that, then you’re in for a big, big Christmas surprise.

Ask yourself: How do you buy today? When you’re looking for an answer to a question, how do you get the answer? Are you calling your friends, are you going to the library, or are you going to Google and your social networking platforms and asking your friends?

The answer is pretty obvious.

So why is it that you’re not recognizing your buyers are already there just like you are. If you’re going to be a Scrooge this holiday season, and still cling to the past and old ways of doing business, things are about to go south for you. Because all of the data already points to the fact that your buyers and my buyers and your customer’s buyers have all changed.

So, what should you do right now? First things first. Acknowledge the reality; if you’ve already done that, great.

  1. If you are on social and using other digital tools to make your life a little easier and to be a little more productive in contacting and collaborating and researching your buyers, that’s great. But, do you have a systematic and mechanized approach that you can repeat on a daily basis for this?

  1. If you’ve invested in tools or social, or the invested tools or social to make it life easier, are they actually being used? Are you getting good ROI out of them?

Maybe that’s a question for the people that bought you those tools. Maybe it’s a question for the people that dump these tools in your lap expected you to figure out the majority of it on your own with the littlest amount of trainings possible. Did you know that certain highly successful sales teams have an attribute that embraces technology?

Did you know that an attribute of highly successful sales teams is that they believe in continuous learning and continuous training development? It’s not enough to have will and it’s not enough to get training you must have both.

To succeed in today’s world, you have to make sure that you are acknowledging that your buyers are more social than they were before.

To what degree depends on each and every buyer. You have to know that you have to communicate with them in ways that will find weird, ways that are unfamiliar and ways that may cause you a little bit of pain, but eventually, it gets better. Because if you figure out these technologies and you use them in the right way every single day, day in and day out, you succeed. You will find buyers who are willing to talk to you, willing to listen to you and at least willing to acknowledge your existence without hanging up the phone on you.


Amar Sheth

Author: Amar Sheth

Amar Sheth has trained thousands of people worldwide on the topic of Social Selling, through a style that’s part storytelling and part motivational.

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