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How An SDR Books Meetings Without Picking Up The Phone

Posted by George Albert on Jul 12, 2016 11:00:00 AM


sdr-book-meeting-without-phone.jpgAs an SDR assigned to target accounts, it is my goal to connect with VP & C level decision makers at enterprise organizations on a daily basis.

I book meetings with these individuals with the objective of creating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for our senior sales team. I have learned to embrace social selling, and rarely do I pick up the phone.


Why not use the phone?

I don’t rely solely on the phone for several reasons:

  1. In my role — outbound selling at the enterprise level — very rarely will you be able to find the direct line/extension of a prospect.

  2. I’ve found the main phone numbers for a company and dial-by-name directories usually lead to voicemail, not a transfer to an individual’s extension.

  3. Even if you have a phone number, VP & C-Level executives get hammered with cold-calls and have their Executive Assistants to deflect salespeople.

I will say that voicemails can be valuable for directing a prospect to an email or social channel. My point is to lower your expectations: don’t expect a call-back.


How to get a meeting without the phone

The main objective of a cold-call is to get hung up on. Instead of hoping your prospect will answer the phone, why not engage with them in the places they frequent? It’s clear buyers spend time on social in search of solutions to their problems.

Even though social media, specifically LinkedIn and Twitter, are great places to engage a buyer, there is still a ton of noise that you need to cut through in order to earn a prospect’s attention.

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Share valuable insights directly with buyers on social with the goal of sparking a sales conversation.

  2. Craft compelling InMail & Direct messages that include a hook/impact statement, and a call to action. Talk about what matters to the prospect, don’t just spam them with the features and benefits of your offering.

  3. Customize connection requests and always try to grow your first degree network — first degree connections will see the content you share with your network, and you can message them without the need for InMail.

  4. Socially surround your prospects to ensure you are always up-to-date on whatever is happening in their industry and company. Equip yourself with insight from a recent quarterly report, blog post, or press release to start a conversation your buyer will find directly relevant.

  5. Monitor your prospects social activity, the content they share will allude to what they are interested in.



In short, the old ringer alone simply doesn’t work.

Instead, engage buyers where they spend their time in search of solutions to their growth obstacles. Sharing insights, leveraging data and social listening are all great ways to ensure you are relevant and credible to buyer. I’ve booked dozens of meetings by combining these tactics; all without picking up the phone.

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George Albert

George Albert

About the Author

George brings over 20 years of Sales and Marketing Experience helping companies from start-ups to fortune 500 solve their complex revenue generation systems.

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