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6 Effective Traits Of A Social-Powered Team [Infographic]

Posted by Daniel Ku on Jun 24, 2015 8:07:01 AM


Be where your buyers are today: online.

Sales professionals who are socially-driven are growing pipeline and revenue and those who are not, are missing massive opportunities. As buyers change their behaviors and research online, traditional techniques just don't cut it anymore.

Instead of selling, sales professionals should focus on helping buyers first. The social-driven sales pro is doing so by actively listening in conversations, engaging as well as collaborating in finding the right solution to their buyer's pain points.

Is your organization still using traditional sales methodologies such as cold calling or are you also actively engaging them where they are today? Check out the visual below by Salesforce for the 6 key traits of a social-powered enterprise. Enjoy!

Six Principles of The Social Powered Enterprise


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Daniel Ku

Daniel Ku

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Daniel is focused on creating content that inspires conversations within the digital space. With his knowledge of marketing, design, and innovation, he’s passionate about exploring the possibilities of storytelling.

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