There’s nothing more motivating than feeling empowered by some real hard-hitting words. If you’re in the sales or marketing industries, then you definitely have experienced the highs and lows. Sometimes all you need is just a little pick-me-up or a motivational quote that will spark a change.

We’ve compiled advice from 12 different personalities who are at the forefront of Social Selling; experts that have walked in your shoes and experienced the same hurdles. Scroll through the following images with quotes from Jill Rowley, Seth Godin, Matt Heinz, Jamie Shanks, Jon Ferrara, and many more! Feel free to share them with your network and spread your love for Social Selling.

Jeffrey Dachis Quotes
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Matt Heinz Quotes
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Julio Viskovich Quotes
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Jamie Shanks Quotes
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Jon Ferrara Quotes
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Koka Sexton Quotes
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Jill Rowley Quote
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Seth Godin Quote
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Reid Hoffman Quote
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Jim Keenan Quote
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Amar sheth Quote
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Daniel is focused on creating content that inspires conversations within the digital space. With his knowledge of marketing, design, and innovation, he’s passionate about exploring the possibilities of storytelling.

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