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Is Facebook More Effective For Connecting With Buyers Than LinkedIn?

Posted by Aja Frost on Jul 25, 2017 1:30:00 PM


facebook-linkedin-buyers.jpgWhen it comes to connecting with buyers, which platform do you think yields better results—Facebook or LinkedIn?

The right answer might be Facebook. According to the 2017 State of Inbound report, salespeople have more success reaching buyers on this platform than LinkedIn.

SALES social channels professional use.pngWhat’s more, 74% of respondents say they use Facebook professionally. It’s clear Facebook is no longer just for finding old classmates or looking at cooking videos.

SALES successful-channels-connect-prospect.pngBut it doesn’t matter where you’re connecting with your buyers if you’re not using the right strategies. The following four tactics will guide your approach.

1) Use Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat as a Touchpoint

Whevever your buyer is most active is where you should be. This could be LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or any other regional social platform.

There are ways to use these tools in a prospecting cadence to maximize results. 

For example, because Facebook/Instagram's search is less powerful than LinkedIn, consider using them to build rapport with a buyer after you’ve identified them as a potential fit.

Perhaps a lead downloads one of your content offers. You email or call them and offer to answer any questions; the same day, you send them a friend request on Facebook.

Not only does this keep you top-of-mind, your prospect is likelier to accept your request because you seem familiar.

Once they’ve become your Facebook friend, use the platform as another touchpoint.

Here’s a sample cadence:

- Day 1: Email and Facebook/Instagram request

- Day 3: Call

- Day 5: Email and “like” a Facebook/Instagram post

- Day 7: Call with voicemail

Although you can message Facebook users whom you’re not friends with, it’s probably not the best use of your time, as these messages will show up in a seperate tab and the chances of your prospect seeing them are low. 

On Instagram, once you're "following" a buyer, you can privately message them

2) Show Your Personality

Facebook and Instagram both feel less buttoned-up than other platforms. With that in mind, you can be a little more personal and casual when you talk to prospects. If you’re too formal, you’ll seem out-of-touch.

But you don’t want to go too far in the other direction. Use proper punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, and steer clear of acronyms.

To illustrate, here are three opening lines.

Too formal: “Hello, John. I hope you are well. Given your interest in how B2B sales is changing with AI, I thought you might be interested in this blog post.”

Too informal: “yo john. check out this hot post on b2b sales and ai.”

Just right: “Hey, John. Wanted to pass along a post on the relationship between B2B sales and AI I thought you’d like -- there’s some good stuff in the second section about how to stay relevant.”

3) Be Human

Thanks to your buyer's profile, you have access to a ton of handy information. Use these details to build rapport; for example, if you both love craft beer, you might kick off a conversation by saying, “Hi, from a fellow craft beer lover, I was wondering...”

Beyond their hobbies and interests, you can also take advantage of their work history. Many people fill out their Facebook profiles with their current and former job titles and employers. Ask a relevant question about their career, such as, “I see you transitioned from Marketing to Sales. What was that like?”

You can use this intelligence as well to create valuable introductions. For example, if the buyer is a channel sales manager, and one of your business contacts is as well, you might ask if they’d be interested in talking to your contact and getting her thoughts on some common partner acquisition challenges. If they are interested, it’s easy enough to add your contact to the chat. (Of course, ask your connection for permission first.)

4) Keep Your Conversations Short

It’s much quicker and less interruptive to confirm your meeting time with the buyer over Facebook Messenger than email. The day before (or the morning of), send them a quick message along the lines of, "Hey, just wanted to check in about our call at X time. Does that still work for you?"

Unlike answering an email, which requires a certain level of thought, the prospect can reply almost instantaneously.

The same principle applies to random questions either of you may have. Maybe they’re speaking with their boss and need to double-check your product’s dimensions. Instead of sending you an email or calling you, they can simply pull out their phone, message you, and get an answer -- all while talking to their manager.

On your end, perhaps you’re looking into potential integrations they’d benefit from and want to know whether they use one of your partners. It takes just two seconds to message them and find out.

Unconventional social tools can be powerful tools in your arsenal. Follow these tips, and your untapped social connections will translate to closed deals.

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Aja Frost

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