Buyer’s Journey

We all want to strike gold. Whether you’re a buyer looking for the right solution or a seller looking to make that legendary sale, the perfect deal is like hitting the jackpot. But in the modern selling environment, striking gold is no easy feat—sellers must understand the buyer’s journey from start to finish, knowing when to reach out, and when to send them insights to help guide their quest. 

The infographic below may look outdated, but your selling tactics don’t have to be. In fact, if you’re still practicing old-school selling you’re missing the number one rule of sales today: it’s not a sales cycle, it’s a buyer’s journey.

  • 1/3 B2B marketers acknowledge their biggest problem is figuring out how to serve the appropriate content to specific buyers when the time is right. Tweet: 1/3 marketers' biggest problem is figuring our how to serve the right content at the right time - via @MySales4Life  
  • You don’t necessarily need to wait until buyers are through 67% of their journey before getting involved. You can be a part of their research with a strong social presence and content. Tweet: You don’t need to wait until buyers are through 67% of their journey before getting involved - via @MySales4Life  
  • 69% of leads from Facebook/Twitter/other channels convert to opportunities vs 15% from lead lists. Tweet: 69% of leads from social convert to opportunities vs 15% from lead lists - via @MySales4Life  

The following infographic with research from Forrester, CEB and IDC illustrates the reality of modern buyers and how to aid them in their journey.

its not a sales cycle its a buyers journey infographic

Julia Manoukian

Author: Julia Manoukian

Julia is focused on creating, managing and producing everything content-related at Sales for Life. From product to content marketing, she is committed to constantly evolving the company's marketing strategy to exceed the demands of the ever-changing buyer.

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