This is the moment sales professionals around the world have been waiting for.

Iiiiiiiiit’s tiiiime, for the largest Social Selling event of the year!

Join over 10,000 sales professionals at The Social Selling Summit. You will learn over 100 tips, hacks and strategies from over 30 sales leaders and influencers. We have an action packed day full of topics including LinkedIn tips, corporate insights, sales acceleration tactics and everything Social Selling.

You’ll also get to connect with the biggest names in Social Selling such as Jill Konrath, Jeffrey Gitomer, Neal Schaffer, Jill Rowley, Anthony, Iannarino, Grant Cardone and many more, as well as other sales and marketing pros.

Social Selling Summit Speakers

The agenda consists of rapid-fire 25 minute sessions throughout the day. You’ll be able to listen live, pop in and out of sessions and access recordings at any time throughout the day.

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Daniel Ku

Author: Daniel Ku

Daniel is focused on creating content that inspires conversations within the digital space. With his knowledge of marketing, design, and innovation, he’s passionate about exploring the possibilities of storytelling.

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