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This post is not about the fact that people are slow to adopt social media in the sales process. It’s more about the correct mindset that’s needed when the decision to go social happens.

Let’s not kid around and let’s face the facts. As much as a new strategy has to fit around your company culture, you’ll also need to change some of the things you do to realize that you have to accept the new cultural realities of going social.

Management and leadership need to internalize this for the proper internalization of social selling into any sales culture.

The Push for Change

As with everything, bringing social selling to your sales team requires a good mixture of reason, understanding and pushing.

I know these concepts are new, so they’re going to take time to understand, practice, adopt and master. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t push for the change. Going social for the sake of it, doesn’t do any good. It’s pretty much a worthless activity without any substance to back it up. Do you cold call without being serious about it? Then why try to practice social selling halfheartedly?

The Sales Stepchild?

This brings me back to the title of the blog and making some room for social selling.

You’ve got to make room to adopt social selling – you can’t treat it, as the saying goes, like a stepchild in the world of sales. It’s not a nice tag-along item or an accessory you brand, or even something you do for the sake of doing it. Talk about a huge waste of everyone’s time and money. If you’re serious about social media and how it can transform your sales efforts, then you’ve got to get behind this 100%.

The Bottom Line

The best thing about social selling is that it helps to create more conversations with people – possibly one of the toughest things for sales professionals. For this reason alone, it’s time to make room for social selling. Remember, this is a change in mindset, but once you commit, you’ll love it – you won’t be able to live without it.

If you’re wondering how to make room for social selling in your daily sales activity, check out these sales resources. And if you’d like to chat further, you can contact me by clicking the button below.

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Jamie Shanks

Author: Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is a world-leading Social Selling expert and author of the book, "Social Selling Mastery - Scaling Up Your Sales And Marketing Machine For The Digital Buyer". A true pioneer in the space of digital sales transformation, Jamie Shanks has trained over 10,000's of sales professionals and leaders all around the world.

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