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The Reality of The Modern Buyer [Infographic Kit]

Posted by Jamie Shanks on Oct 12, 2016 3:37:50 PM


reality-modern-buyer.jpgThe modern buyer has changed — what can you do about it?

The buyer has changed more in the past 10 years than the past 100. How are you dealing with this dramatic shift in the B2B world? This kit ensures you have everything you need to meet modern buyers online and drive social activity, pipeline and revenue today and into the future.

Access the kit here.

What's inside this kit:

  • Infographic: The Death of the Salesperson

  • Infographic: The Evolution of the B2B Customer

  • Infographic: The Ultimate Social Selling Routine

  • Infographic: The ROI of Social Selling


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Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks

About the Author

Jamie Shanks is a world-leading Social Selling expert and author of the book, "Social Selling Mastery - Scaling Up Your Sales And Marketing Machine For The Digital Buyer". A true pioneer in the space of digital sales transformation, Jamie Shanks has trained over 10,000's of sales professionals and leaders all around the world.

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