Sales Fat Camp

When did you last exercise your sales brain? If you can’t remember, it’s time for sales fat camp.

There are articles circulating around that “social selling” is applicable for only certain industries.

1. The fact that you’re reading this blog post means that those statements are crock of shit!

2. The people are writing these articles really don’t understand what social selling is or how it works.

It’s time for a change. Just like the 20 pounds I’ve put on since my son was born in 2012, we all need to exercise and grow. However, I’m not talking about jogging and push-ups, I’m talking about exercising the most important muscle in your body, your brain!

Your sales brain can be deadly, working for you or against you.

If you honestly feel like what you’re doing is not optimal, it’s time for sales fat camp. Keep reading and take these steps.

1. Objectively jump on the sales scales

Stop kidding yourself. I know I’m out of shape, my tee-shirts tell me that. Why can’t the average sales professional see the micro ( pipeline) and the macro (the buyer and sales world is changing superfast around them). Stop thinking you’re something that you’re not. Otherwise it will be too late to turn back the clocks one day.

2. Come to the realisation you have much to learn

Open your mind. Get ready to learn. The sales tactics you’d used in the past are not necessarily the sales tactics needed for today’s buyer. Like an alcoholic who needs to overcome “denial” in AA, you need to say to yourself “I’m willing to change”.

3. Start learning, AND NOT just the stuff your sales manager asks you to learn

Your sales manager will want you to perfect the product. Or, they might throw a couple favorite sales books at you. Does that mean your sales manager is the Moses for Selling? Become a sponge to sales learning. Treat your sales career with the respect it deserves for personal growth.
Social Selling Expert

4. Invest 30 to 60 minutes a day into trying something new

Take a portion of your sales day to make yourself uncomfortable. Comfort and routine in a sales role is great for a period of time when you’re leaning to become more efficient in an activity, but it will sink you if you’re not adapting and changing.

As an example, take a few moments to find a great article about problems in a client’s industry. Send that article to that very specific client, referencing how this problem could affect their business. Try to be a resource of information to one client. Over the next few weeks, track how your buyer reacts to your act of resourcefulness.

5. Weigh yourself weekly!

Rather than me saying, “I’m going to lose 20 extra pounds”, I’m saying, “I’m going to lose 1 pound per week”. It’s the achievement of micro goals, compounded over time, that make a huge impact. Check in with yourself and be objective. Did you do anything this week that was outside of your comfort zone? Was it effective?

6. Do not stop exercising your most important muscle: YOUR SALES BRAIN

Learn at a ferocious rate. Learn to become one of the smartest sales professional you’ve ever met. Learning sales like a machine is what changed my career. I switched from just doing my job, to listening to books, podcasts, webinars and other materials I could get my hands on. Out smart and out flank your competition.

Are you ready to usher in a new era of your sales career with social selling? Contact me using the button below and we’ll chat.

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Jamie Shanks

Author: Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is a world-leading Social Selling expert and author of the book, "Social Selling Mastery - Scaling Up Your Sales And Marketing Machine For The Digital Buyer". A true pioneer in the space of digital sales transformation, Jamie Shanks has trained over 10,000's of sales professionals and leaders all around the world.

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