Life for salespeople can be a roller coaster sometimes. Here are 20 GIFs that showcase the wide range of emotions that modern sales reps can face on any given day:

1. When you close two good deals in a row


2. When all of your calls goes to voicemail


3. When you’re basically carrying the sales team quota


4. When a prospect is trying to nickel and dime you


5. When you sit at a competitor’s webinar


6. When you judge a lead by their email domain


7. When you get a new solid prospect


8. When you’re 2% away from making quota


9. When you’re waiting for a deal to close


10. When other salespeople cold call you


11. Making your first cold call


12. When you’re asked to fill 40 fields to create a CRM Opportunity


13. When you see everyone else getting good leads


14. When you get stood up for a meeting


15. Your definition of a marketing lead


16. When a prospect says “Call me in a week”


17. When a customer gets angry and it has nothing to do with you


18. When you get to a “networking” event


19. When the smallest account is your biggest time burglar


20. When you close the deal of your life



Jose Sanchez

Author: Jose Sanchez

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