There is a common misconception in the sales industry that social selling is a useful tactic for just inbound and/or outbound sales positions. People often think that these are the positions that cast a wide net and gather new prospect and accounts, so they are the only ones who need to use social selling tactics.

Truth is, social selling has a purpose for every sales role. On the CS team at Sales for Life, we use social selling everyday to gain new insights, establish new relationships and deepen existing relationships with our clients.

Here are three top ways how customer success can use social selling too.

1: Socially surround the account

Thought socially surrounding accounts was just for SDRs? Think again! The same process can be used for customer success members to learn about clients new and old.

Socially surrounding your buyers is a proven technique: garner insights about their industry, company and competitors and finally the decision makers in the account(s). Tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator can make the process intuitive, but even those with the free version of LinkedIn can take full advantage.

After this research, you should now have insights into the problems of each target account.

If you see a prospect talking about an area you have knowledge about, jump in and say something! Add an insight, link to a helpful blog or infographic. Social platforms like LinkedIn offer a great opportunity to easily build professional relationships.

2: Engage early on to establish relationships

The key here is to follow up with accounts regularly. You can do this by engaging with them on multiple platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, even Instagram.

Remember: before engaging with or following the decision-makers in your target account, find a common point of contact to start off on the right foot. Personalize a connection request to start your relationship off right.

Do a little research on your buyer to leverage a point of personal connection. You and your potential prospect both went to the same university? Great! You both enjoy craft beer? Awesome way into the conversation. No one likes a generic connection request, and many people won’t even acknowledge your request if it’s not personalized.

The key here is to provide value early on through insightful engagement. This engagement will allow you to get a deeper understanding of a new client who you might not know so well across multiple platforms. 

Step 3: Stay active online

Once you have created a social relationship with your client, create a schedule to help you stay active. Remember, we want to show the client that we are a expert in our field.

If social selling is part of your daily routine, you shouldn’t have any problem keeping an eye on what your prospects are talking about and what insights to share with them.

However, if social selling isn’t integrated into your daily routine, you might want to check out this infographic. It provides an easy social selling routine we crowdsourced from over 60,000 sales professionals that only takes 30-60 minutes a day.

It’s no wonder 91% of social sellers report an expected increase in their company’s revenue in the next 12 months — CS people, that includes you!

Paulina Lizewski

Author: Paulina Lizewski

Paulina partners with sales, marketing and enablement leaders to ensure Sales for Life's clients are on the path towards social selling success. Her main focus is on shifting behaviors and achieving adoption at scale.

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