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Getting In Shape: Why Social Selling Works Like Fitness [Video]

Jan 5, 2015 10:37:53 AM - By Amar Sheth

You can go the gym or you can get results. Which do you prefer? The challenge is that most of us are so busy that it’s incredibly hard to focus. I know, if we ...

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One Killer Sales Tip: Help Buyers Always, In All Ways

Dec 11, 2014 12:48:29 PM - By Amar Sheth

By far, one of the questions I’m asked most frequently is “what is your social selling philosophy?” And although the answer is so simple to me, it baffles ...

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Does Your Company Have What It Needs For Social Selling Success?

Dec 1, 2014 1:41:01 PM - By Jamie Shanks

Welcome to the Social Hierarchy of Organizational Needs. This is a reverse-engineering of Maslow’s Hierarchy to represent the order of importance of different ...

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From Sales Rep To Thought Leader: Standing Out From The Rest

Nov 19, 2014 1:13:23 PM - By Amar Sheth

Thought leader. There, I said it. The term has caught a BEATING lately by self-styled gurus. But what they fail to see, I hope you understand here from a sales ...

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No Tarot Cards Needed: Uncover Your Network's Trends With Nuzzel

Nov 17, 2014 5:11:28 PM - By Jamie Shanks

I’m a lover of Newsle. This was the most “no-brainer” tool that was purchased by LinkedIn. Newsle provides you with PR information on any of your 1st degree ...

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The Road to 4,000 LinkedIn Connections

Nov 13, 2014 12:32:44 PM - By Jamie Shanks

I remember when I started training B2B companies on leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation. At that time, in 2011, I had 500 or so LinkedIn connections. I was ...

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3 Reasons Why Sales Shouldn’t Wait For Marketing! (Video)

Nov 12, 2014 12:12:31 PM - By Amar Sheth

The one thing we hear consistently from the sales pros we train is that they want to share content but want it delivered to them on a silver platter. Below are ...

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What’s The Secret To TOP Sales Success? Hint: It Starts With Overcoming Your Fears! (Video)

Nov 5, 2014 11:03:37 AM - By Amar Sheth

Don’t worry, be happy. Let me give you some background. Us wonderful sales professionals are constantly worried. Worried about quota/targets, meetings, ...

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The Ideal LinkedIn Profile: 3 Elements You Can't Ignore

Oct 27, 2014 5:52:06 PM - By Jamie Shanks

I always get this question: What does an ideal LinkedIn profile look like? Check out Mario Martinez Jr.'s profile, VP of Sales at PGI. What makes his LinkedIn ...

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3 Ways Not To “Pitch” When Social Selling

Oct 22, 2014 1:43:21 PM - By Amar Sheth

I read this great blog the other day by Barbara Giamanco and she mentioned a term that I instantly loved, the feature dump. It got me thinking about how sales ...

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