Uberflip webinar Roundup

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How to Use Video to Crush Your B2B Marketing Goals

When: Wednesday, April 6th, 2 pm ET

Speakers: Phil Nottingham, Video Strategist at Wistia, and Sam Brennand, Director of Customer Success at Uberflip

73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts ROI. Learn how to successfully implement video into your B2B marketing strategy. Watch now!

How Marketers Can Create, Manage & Optimize Content for Better Sales Enablement

When: Wednesday, April 12th, 2 pm ET

Speakers: Carol Krol, Editor-In-Chief at Demand Gen Report, and Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip

We all know that content marketing has changed how buyers interact with companies. But most marketers are still struggling with how they (and their sales teams) can truly leverage content for effective sales enablement. Discover how! Register now.

How Content Marketing and User Experience Go Hand-in-Hand

When: Wednesday, April 13th, 2 pm ET

Speakers: Stef Miller, Marketing Manager and Demand Gen at UserTesting, and Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip

It’s crucial for B2B marketers to start considering their content as an integrated part of their user experience. Find out where to start. Register now!

How to Educate and Convert in Competitive Saas Markets

When: Wednesday, April 20th, 2 pm ET

Speakers:  Ben Sardella, Co-Founder & CRO at Datanyze, and Hana Abaza, VP Marketing at Uberflip

Education and timing are key to closing deals – especially when your product or service doesn’t have a line in your prospect’s budget sheet. Learn how to educate and convert in competitive SaaS markets. Sign up now!

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Jamie Shanks

Author: Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks is a world-leading Social Selling expert and author of the book, "Social Selling Mastery - Scaling Up Your Sales And Marketing Machine For The Digital Buyer". A true pioneer in the space of digital sales transformation, Jamie Shanks has trained over 10,000's of sales professionals and leaders all around the world.

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