What’s the Digital Sales Mastery® System?

It’s a system designed to help sales teams move from complete noise online to hyper focus.
Sellers will progress through a learning journey and master the areas of:
• Digital Sales Fundamentals
• Digital Prospecting, Account Management and Engagement

Through this learning process, they’ll learn how to:
• Optimize and make social profiles more customer-centric
• Find buyers and conduct digital research
• Engage buyers effectively
• Share content, develop relationships and more!

What is Digital Sales?

Not sure? Looking for a definition? Or perhaps you just need a refresher?
We’ve got you covered.

Learning Experience: Virtual Training + On Demand + Live Coaching
Build Pipeline & Revenue
Session 1

Digital Sales Fundamentals:
Build, Boost, & Develop your Brand Online

Session 2

Find Buyer & Conduct Digital Research

Session 3

Engage Buyer Effectively

Get Certified
90 minute virtual instructor led sessions
How Do We Take You From Novice to Expert?

Gain unlimited access to on-demand learning videos, templates, and guides. Attend virtual sessions to learn from experts. Access daily live coaching to personalize your approach . Leverage best practices used by the world's biggest brands.


Practice your digital sales skills in real accounts. Modernize your prospecting for new logos or to expand existing accounts. Improve your performance by following a prescriptive set of sales plays.


Prove you get it by demonstrating a real sales outcome with our practical certification. Build pipeline faster and create a library of success stories for ongoing reference.

Find the Right Fit

This system helps global enterprises, teams, or individual Sellers. We tailor to you.

  • I have really enjoyed working with Sales For Life. Their team is absolutely dedicated to sales acceleration leveraging social media. Their social selling strategies are second to none. They do a really good job of training sales professionals with tactics that are not only effective but also easy to understand and implement. I would not hesitate to recommend SFL to any sales organization trying to up their skills in the new digital world.

    Ron Morris Avatar
    Ron Morris
  • Sales For Life ran a team training for Frost & Sullivan last year. I'm a big fan and I make sure every one of my new sales (and beyond) hires complete the training which we now own on-demand. The skills they teach are what every modern sales force NEEDS to know to survive and thrive.

    Gary Robbins Avatar
    Gary Robbins
  • Hands down one of the BEST sales training companies out there. The Sales for Life team not only will help your top-line revenue growth, they will enhance your sales team to the best of their ability! I highly recommend Jamie Shanks and his entire team at Sales For Life! Thank you Jamie and team for all you do for us!

    Spencer Ellena Avatar
    Spencer Ellena
  • This amazing team has had a huge impact on the companies I work with in Toronto. Their content and expertise is second to none. I highly recommend Sales For Life to anyone looking to substantially improve their teams' skills and performance. As an Executive or Manager, spend 30 minutes with one of their team members and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend them as a must have to any company focussed on growth.

    Mike Arsenault Avatar
    Mike Arsenault
  • Working with the team from Sales For Life has been one of the highlights of my professional career. They are 100% focused on making me and my company successful using the tools and skills they teach. They are whip-smart, enthusiastic and truly a trusted advisor to me and my team.

    Christy Walsh Avatar
    Christy Walsh
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