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Think Executives Are Purely Rational? Think Again

Sales Success

Learn how to craft high converting messaging for today's senior executives.


A myth has long swirled around the topic of executive decision-making, and it stems from the broad and untested perception that executives are strictly rational thinkers—logical and analytical in their approach to business decisions. But what if they weren't?

New research from Corporate Visions — conducted in partnership with persuasion expert, Dr. Zakary Tormala — reveals that intuitions and emotions have far more sway over the executive decision-making process than many salespeople realize.

Join Sales for Life's Jamie Shanks and Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer for Corporate Visions for a deeper dive into the science that explains executive decision-making and its impact on your sales success.

What will I learn by attending this session?

  • Where the principle of loss aversion can be used to your advantage in the selling process
  • Why your sales messages need to create risky scenarios
  • How to show your buyers not only what they stand to gain by switching to you, but what they stand to lose if they don’t


Date: Thursday, August 18th

Time: 2:00 PM EST

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: Free


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2016-08-18 2:00 PM EST - 2016-08-18 2:30 PM EST Webinar