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Gating Content: This One Small Change Will 7x Your Conversion Rate


Gating ContentYou invest your time and resources into your inbound strategy to get the right potential buyers in front of your content. You’ve presented them something they see as valuable. Woo hoo! The hard part is over!

Maybe for inbound marketers. But for demand generation marketers, you need conversions.

And if you’re like most, once you’ve hooked your prospect to either download your ebook or register for your webinar, you send them to a landing page—a completely separate experience that takes them away from what they want.  

Is it any surprise the industry standard for conversion rates on a B2B landing page is a measly 2.35 percent?

We can do better.

Gating Content Infographic


Neil Patel https://neilpatel.com/blog/landing-pages-are-overrated/
The Content Experience Report www.uberflip.com/CEreport

If what you want is this...

Then why do this...

As we put in all this effort to bring our audiences inbound, we need to focus on providing an experience to keep them there, not send them outbound to a static landing page. The experience around your content and your prospect’s own user experience deeply impacts your conversion rate.

Simplify the process for capturing both your buyers’ interest and their information. Make it easy for them. And easy for yourself.  

Because we all know building landing pages is a chore and a half. Just ask Demand Jen.


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