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Mondo C. Castro

Global Director of Training

About Mondo

As the head of the Sales for Life training team, Mondo delivers excellent learning experiences for customers globally.

He’s got the heart of a teacher and helps students learn concepts around pipeline development, reducing customer churn, building relationships, and digital sales best practices.

Practicing his deep love for the training profession, he’s also qualified to deliver some of the most well-known training technologies including John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, Strengths Finder and much more.

At Sales for Life, Mondo has trained 15,000+ students at some of the biggest and most recognizable brands around the world.

Our Students Love Mondo!

“I rarely come across real L&D talents who stand out like Mondo. His teaching style is approachable and relatable to any audience. I anticipate a definite increase in the productivity level of the sales reps that completed the program with Mondo leading it.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Kason Morris

Director of Employee Learning & Enablement,
“Mondo does an excellent job facilitating a discussion, while engaging the audience, sharing content, responding to questions and explaining homework assignments. As someone with experience do this for several years I still took multiple refreshers and new tips from this course.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Aaron Alpert

Senior Director Account Management,
“Meeting and learning from Mondo really changed my sales career. He conveyed new ideas and equipped me with skills for finding and engaging prospects effectively. ”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Kevin Kwok

Solutions Manager,
Social Know How
“Mondo was a big help and was very efficient with the time we had together.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Victoria Wright

Senior Account Executive,
Rimini Street
“Mondo is an outstanding coach and professional pointing on what makes the difference.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Jacques Cebron

Sales Director,
Intel Corporation
“Great job, engaging , clear and to the point. One session attended and its fabulous!”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Ganesh Sastry

Senior Manager,
“Getting more guidance (from Mondo), shows me what the value is; which I didn’t have before our conversation and has helped me establish additional best practices to provide value to my customers.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Vyshali Murthy

Customer Success Manager,
“Obviously, Mondo is a wonderful trainer. Very engaging and very knowledgeable.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Giovanni Arcadi

Account Executive,
Citron Hygiene
“Mondo is very knowledgeable in coaching and providing feedback in areas to be successful. He has the talent to create new opportunities and overcome obstacles.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Ruben Salas

Regional Sales Advisor,
“Very professional & helpful. I always have a better understanding after speaking with Mondo.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Francys Curven

Customer Success Manager,
“Mondo was phenomenal! His delivery and mastery of the subject has deeply enriched my knowledge of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Highly recommended.”

How Would You Rate Mondo?

Victoria Njeru

New Business Specialist,