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how to plan the perfect sales kickoff [checklist]

Learn best practices for organizing, executing and reinforcing your annuaperfect-sko-banner.jpgl sales kickoff. 

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"Don't spend more on the bagels than what really matters," is what esteemed sales trainer and keynote speaker Art Sobczak says about planning the annual SKO. 

We couldn't agree more—after speaking at over 400 companies big and small, all around the globe, we've seen our fair share of poorly executed SKOs. An overemphasis on product features, too much partying, and a lack of alignment are some of the common problems that occur time and time again.

"The Perfect Sales Kickoff Checklist" is a condensed version of some of the most important lessons we've learned when organizing, executing and reinforcing the much-anticipated sales kickoff meeting. Print it out and refer to it throughout the year while planning your next sales event. 


Learn best practices for planning your annual sales kickoff and driving sales results with skill-based training.

  • Align with your company's strategic objectives
  • Create a buzz for you and your speakers
  • Deliver customized, skill-based training to sales reps and front-line managers
  • Invest in reinforcement to reap dividends all year long

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