• First-mover advantage – Hu Friedy is the market leader, and will not relinquish market share. To ensure they are innovative, they must approach their customers with a bold and different strategy. Manufacturers at this time have yet to embrace digital sales, and Hu-Friedy will use this as an opportunity.
  • B2C is bleeding into B2B – the dental practices themselves are becoming beacons of social media with Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and Pinterest. The practice owers want to be served the same way they’re servicing their customers – within online education.
  • Educate the customer on disease prevention, not product features and functions. The dental tools are >100 years old, but customers need to understand the underlying value-drivers of disease prevention. Digital assets such as video are key to this education process.

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Dental Practices.


Dental Practices Conglomerates.


Dental Universities.

How Was Success Measured?​

Program success was evaluated through Sales for Life’s measurement framework, grounded on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, as the industry best-practice.
While much of social selling enablement is focused strictly on training, Sales for Life’s model is built around knowledge transfer and application. This is ultimately tied to sales results and ROI. It was through this approach that Sprint was able to correlate actual sales results through application of learning.

Level 5
ROI Capture

Level 4
Sales Impact

Can ROI be measured?

Can sales impact be realized?

You Capture

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Has behavior changed as a result?

Has knowledge transfer occurred?

Are learners satisfied with the content?

Sales for Life Creates

What Results Occurred?

  • 50% of the sales organization had reported winning a deal (AVG $25,000) from social selling in 90 days.
  • One sales executive said: “We had a large University order in part due to our social selling approach. I used Vidyard GoVideo in a series of sales messages to help educate the customer.”
  • +200% closed won against sales play in 90 days on new “Greenlight Action” product.

What’s Next?

Happy with the results, Hu-Friedy is now entering a reinforcement phase with Sales for Life to ensure knowledge is retained and continuously applied, and expanding to a “Tiger Team” of specialists. With behavior change as the core driving principle, Sales for Life continues to support all sales professionals to ensure they’re ahead of the learning curves.

About Hu-Friedy

Founded in 1908, Hu-Friedy has since become a world leader in dental instrument manufacturing. Today, we take a broader view of the value we offer our customers. We are focused on delivering the highest quality product, service, and community experience in the dental industry in order to help dental professionals perform at their be. Our 10,000 dental instruments and product solutions are sold in over 100 countries, and we have more than 600 employees representing and growing our brand around the world. Headquartered in Chicago, we have offices and distribution centers in the Italy, Germany, China, and Japan, and a sales force spread over 30 different countries.

Anne Miller
Clinical Education Manager, East Central Territory

“We had a large University order in part due to our social selling approach. I used Vidyard GoVideo in a series of sales messages to help educate the customer.”

Julie Kesjes
Chris Brydon
Clinical Education Manager, East Central Territory

“Thank you so so so much. This social selling program has meant the world to me. Truly. And, the Sales for Life team is absolutely fantastic. Everything I’ve done is based on your guidance and encouragement.”

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