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The ScalePipeline System is a unique training program that enables organizations to nurture self-generated sales pipelines at scale throughout all digital sales functions.

Our certification process equips your sales team with the necessary skills to increase self-generated sales pipelines and improve customer engagement.
Meet Your Sales Kickoff Speaker

Mondo C. Castro
Global Director of Training

As the head of Sales For Life’s training team, Mondo helps sales teams improve their knowledge of sales pipeline generation, customer churn reduction, relationship building, and digital sales best practices.

He is deeply passionate about sharing his digital sales knowledge, and has delivered excellent learning experiences for over 15,000 students from some of the biggest and most recognizable brands around the world.

Beyond sales, Mondo is also qualified to deliver other well-known leadership and personal growth assessments and seminars, including John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Franklin Covey, and StrengthsFinder. “

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