Sales and Marketing is evolving

B2B buyers and customers today have changed more than we realize.  They have access to information via social and digital channels and use it to empower their decision making.  IDC Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers are using social media to research vendors.

What is Digital Sales?

It’s the ability to scale relationship building using social and digital channels. It doesn’t involve eliminating what you’re doing now, but compliments it digitally.


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SPEAR Selling

The ultimate Account-based Sales guide for the modern, digital seller. SPEAR Selling is the battle-tested process for both sales leaders and sales professionals to leverage in their pursuit for greater account-based sales results. Author Jamie Shanks has trained and advised 100’s of companies on SPEAR Selling to increase sales pipeline in all types of sales functions (inside sales, field sales, customer success, channel sales).

Social Selling has been a top sales buzzword in recent years. But is that all it is?

Social selling is no passing trend, and it’s not just a synonym for social media. It’s about more than connecting with prospects over Linkedin or Twitter.

Everything you need to know about social selling – from getting started and the roles involved, to implementation and measuring success.

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The ultimate account-based sales guide for the modern digital sales professional