What Content is Covered?

Module 1 – Digital Sales Fundamentals

Build, boost, and develop your brand online. Tailor your approach to serve your ideal customer profiles. Amplify your impact by growing the right network of relationships

Module 2 – Digital Sales Prospecting

Find buyers and conduct digital research. Place relationships at the center of how you build pipeline and understand opportunities and threats by gathering market insight.

Module 3 – Engage
Your Buyers & Customers

Engage buyers effectively with digital sales best practices. From using video to modernizing your messaging strategy, help your buyers and customers by educating them at the right time, with the right context.

Module 4 – Certification

Prove you get it by demonstrating a real sales outcome with our practical certification. Build pipeline faster, improve win rates, and exceed quota. Don’t worry, we’re always here to help you be successful with on demand learning and live coaching support.