What challenges did SAS Institute face meeting the modern buyer?

Sales and marketing is constantly looking at ways to enhance each other’s experience along the modern buyer’s journey.

Learn why some of the best companies of the world choose social selling training.

What social selling strategies did your sales team try?

“Individuals on sales teams were dabbling with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and some were using Hootsuite monitoring competitors. So we knew that that’s where we need to be. That’s where our buyers are, they’re online, they’re on social, they’re out there talking about different vendors and we needed to have a voice out there. No longer could we do cold calling, we need to be where our buyers are.”

scalability across north america, latin america & europe

“We wanted to roll this out not just in the United States but in Latin America and Canada so we needed to have a salable solution. We also wanted to roll this out in a very short time frame. We knew building Social Selling program wasn’t going to happen because of the lack of internal expertise and time.”

“We chose Sales for Life because we could imlement it with over 600 sales reps very quickly through Canada, Latin America and United States and now rolling out to Europe.”

How much pipeline build was generated through social selling?

  • By the end of 2016, SAS is projecting $500 million in pipeline build.
  • In the first four months, SAS attributed $20 million net new pipeline to Social Selling.
What was necessary for sas institute's implementation?
  • It’s about helping you. Enabling your growth, your priorities, your customers. We know that ideas don’t equal results and that time is expensive.
  • 100’s of deployments have taught us what works and what doesn’t. Customers experience measurable impact in months, not years.
  • We get sales because we’ve carried quotas, led teams, and know what it takes to be a top performer. Our team is outcome driven, with global experience and expert domain knowledge.
  • 1. ALIGNMENT BETWEEN SALES AND MARKETING Sales can’t do this alone so we started as a pilot together.
  • 2. EXECUTIVE BUY-IN This is necessary for reinforcement and support which then trickles down throughout the entire salesforce.
  • 3. SCALABILITY Sales professionals use different strategies however adopting best practices and ensuring scalability across the organization is key.

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