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Keynotes & Workshops

Inspire change with powerful sessions on the topics of digital & social selling

3 Social Selling Best Practices to Create More Opportunities


Sales for Life has worked with 60,000 sales reps in over 200 companies. In this engaging session, attendees will start learning how to supercharge their pipeline with three proven tactics ― 60 minutes full of actionable tips and insights.

Who should attend?

Sales leadership, management, and/or front line sales professionals. 

Content Delivery

60 minute virtual or in person workshop.


This workshop will teach you best practices on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for your target market, how to leverage your existing client base to find new opportunities and how to access decision makers with LinkedIn's open messaging feature. 

Learn how to implement a Social Selling program

Learn how world-class brands such as Intel, SAS, and Thomson Reuters have grown revenue by 20%+ in 6 months with Social Selling.

Understand how to implement a prescriptive process that creates behavioral change at scale and boosts revenue

Top Resources

Report: Social Selling Trends in 2017

A comprehensive study on the process, tactics and results that sales organizations experience with social selling. Read more

eBook: The Definitive Guide to Social Selling for Leaders

Everything you need to know about social selling—from getting started and the roles involved, to implementation and measuring success.Read more

Executive Webinar: How To Successfully Implement A Social Selling Program

In this webinar, you will learn proven strategies for success and lessons learned from implementing a social selling program. Read more

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