Results Delivered

Sprint implemented its Social Selling program with over 100 sales professionals, sales leaders, and sales engineers throughout its West division in America, and are looking to scale to other departments within the organization.


A 96% certification rate in the program


Over 90+ pipeline opportunities


43% increase in LinkedIn SSI Score


5 closed deals


54% of sales professionals sharing content vs. 11% at the start of the program

Is your sales organization ready for the modern buyer?

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Chris Hutson
Social Selling Program Manager

“Social Selling and leveraging social media to prospect and grow the funnel is something we’ve been trying to conceptualize at Sprint for some time. Even though great ideas and minds worked at this, we really never had thought leaders to implement a program because this isn’t our core competency. The telecom industry in the United States is uber competitive and we needed a great partner to teach us the mastery of social selling skills to give our B2B reps a competitive advantage. We found that leader in Sales for Life.”

Chris Brydon
Vice President, Enterprise Sales West

“I was looking for a way to get my salesforce from “zero to sixty” though Social Selling. Like most organizations my team was all over the board, with little time, money or expertise to develop a social program. Working with the team from Sales for Life we were able to achieve a significant lift in our social selling index, skills and most important our funnel. Sales for Life got us there in 10 weeks flat, leaving us with a sustainable social program accelerating our time to revenue.”

Target Audience

Sales for Life was engaged by senior leaders in the Sprint Business Team to socially enable their West Region. Under the guidance of Chris Brydon, VP of Enterprise Sales West, the program was initiated in May 2016.

A total of 100 sales professionals, sales leaders and sales engineers were trained with Sales for Life’s flagship certification program Social Selling Mastery®. The program’s mission is to teach B2B customer-facing resources how to find, educate and engage buyers throughout their buying journey.

How Was Success Measured?​

Program success was evaluated through Sales for Life’s measurement framework, grounded on the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model, as the industry best-practice.

While much of social selling enablement is focused strictly on training, Sales for Life’s model is built around knowledge transfer and application. This is ultimately tied to sales results and ROI. It was through this approach that Sprint was able to correlate actual sales results through application of learning.

Level 5
ROI Capture

Level 4
Sales Impact

Can ROI be measured?

Can sales impact be realized?

You Capture

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Has behavior changed as a result?

Has knowledge transfer occurred?

Are learners satisfied with the content?

Sales for Life Creates

About Sprint

Sprint is one of America’s largest mobile carriers and communication powerhouses. Their vision to help people get better everyday is bold and daring. They’re executing on this vision with help from a creative management team and passionate brand ambassadors that are winning the hearts and minds of customers. Serving 60 million customers isn’t a small matter. But, Sprint excels at knowing much about these customers as possible. They understand that today’s buyer is different and needs to be served in a different way. In a space that’s hypercompetitive, they are carving a strong presence and increasing market share with this philosophy.

What’s Next?

Sales for Life is now entering a reinforcement phase with this initial pilot group. This means that the emphasis on knowledge retention and continued application is the focus, thereby ensuring that program participants continue to use social selling in their everyday sales process.

Secondly, Sprint and Sales for Life are collaborating to enable other sales professionals within Spring Business to utilize social selling and better serve the modern buyer.

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