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Maya Shorcair

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Lead generation is the main goal of many content marketing strategies. Aside from providing content to make your audience convert into leads, it's also imperative to have strategies in place for capturing and nurturing leads.

It’s rare but, according to Murphy’s Law, it can happen. In a cruel twist of fate, your blog post was ruined by a bad headline.

There are dozens and dozens of different ways to share your content online, but sometimes, you want to reach beyond your own network. If you want to take advantage of the vast audiences that already exist online, consider going after top influencers in your industry who can share your content with their networks—extending your reach while also improving your reputation.

By now, sales and marketing execs should be somewhat familiar with the term predictive lead scoring (PSL). Put simply, PSL shops take your existing CRM or marketing automation data, enrich it with a bunch of external data signals to form your ideal customer profile, then use this profile to rank your existing leads from best to worst.

You know the difference. There are some conversations that you cannot get enough of, and there are some that you’d do anything to get out of. Anyone who has seen Groundhog Day definitely knows the latter (don’t be Ned Ryerson).

The great thing about being a content marketer? You're a jack of all trades—more than a marketer.

Over the past year, online quizzes have taught me that I'm left-brained, that my professional spirit animal is a white lion, and that my actual age is 57.

http://www.salesforlife.com What are you doing to make your sales training more innovative and effective? Big Data, gamification, real-time learning... These are all key tips, trends, and opportunities that I took away from hundreds of top sales enablement leaders at the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Symposium. More importantly, they are also best practices that Learning and Development departments are applying today. Here’s a breakdown of what I learned.