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Content Roundup: The Dos & Don'ts of Personalization

Posted by Katie Soave



As marketers, we are constantly trying to connect with people on a personal level in order to stay relevant and retain customers. This week's #ContentRoundup covers everything to do with personalization! 

5 Ways to Win with Web Personalization

web personalization

The sky is the limit with web personalization for marketers to speak with their audience, not at them. Take a look at five web personalization use cases that will take your marketing to the next level from Marketo. Read now

Personalization is the Future of Content Marketing 

content personalization

Personalization is about targeting content that is tailored to individuals based on their needs and interests. Find out why it is so important from the Marketing Insider Group. Read now!

What Grade Do Marketers Give Their Personalization Efforts?

content personalization

Do marketers think that they are doing a good job personalizing their websites, emails, and mobile offerings? Find out now from Marketing Profs Daily!

Five Steps to ROI With Content Personalization


Content personalization means relevant content and a high-velocity experience. Find out how to deliver on both with these five steps from Adobe's Digital Marketing blog. Read now

Marketers: You Can Now Use Data To Help Define And Personalize Your Content And Messaging

personalize content

Successful marketing is all about sending the right, relevant message at the right time. Find out how predictive marketing is helping marketers do just that from EverString. Read now!

Want to learn even more about personalization? Listen to our episode of Flip the Switch with John Bonini on how you should be going about personalization plus more.